HI I'm Andrew Stewart

I am a Web and Graphic Designer from Belfast, Northern Ireland. In 2015 I completed a four-year course at the University of Ulster studying Interactive Multimedia Design and I am currently looking for an opportunity to work within the industry that I have achieved a degree in.

About me

Over the past 5/6 years I have been working on websites and graphic work as well as other forms of multimedia work. My experience outside of the university includes consultancy work with the Ulster Grand Prix. I also completed graphic work for them for their course preparation manuals. This involved the attendance of meetings and being involved with the event set up in order to see what was required. I have had previous connections with the club that promotes the meeting and with my abilities it seemed natural to work along with the club creating the manuals.

I spent a year of my course at university on placement at Sport NI. While on this placement, I was part of a web development team. As part of this team I designed, built and maintained websites and online learning courses, one of which I designed on my own

Additionally, I worked on both Sport NI and Tollymore National Outdoor Centre's YouTube channels uploading and monitoring videos. These were essential sources of broadcasting and promotion for the organisations and so this task was essential.

My interest in web design stemmed from the study of ICT at both GCSE and A-Level: since then I have had a keen interest in the study of web design and the opportunities that come with it. My interests prompted the decision to choose to study Interactive Multimedia Design at university. Within this course I learned how to create databases, games, videos and responsive websites, to note a few.

In terms of the creation of each of the above, different technologies are used: HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP, jQuery, MySQL, WordPress and JavaScript. Each of these are essential tools for the creation of websites and so the course has given me extensive and specific knowledge which I can then employ in the creation of any website.

My Work

Web Design

Ken Stewart Consultancy

One of the first major websites which I created after University was for Ken Stewart Consulatancy. This project included the creation logos, Buisness cards and a website which can be seen below.


This is still an ongoing project but as part of an effort to make the delivery of training to motorcycle racers in this country easier and more effcient I was asked to create an Online learning seminar for both the safety flags used during racing and for an anti-doping campain. Once the User has completed both seminars they are rewarded with a certificate which is then sent to the governing body, the user and logged in a database.

Ernie Coates Motorcycles

Another current project is the Ernie Coates Motorcycles online store. I was asked to help update and create new content for this comapny ranging from graphics to placing new products online. Images from the website and the coding involved are shown below and the graphics are shown in the next section.

Graphic Design

As previously stated I have completed a range of graphics for different clients, some of which are metioned above. These Graphics have been used on Vans, Posters, Buisness Cards and various other uses. Below are some of the examples of my work.


Ken Stewart Consultancy Buisness Cards

David Wood Project

Patterson Landscapes

Ernie Coates Motorocycles Website Banners

Ernie Coates Motorcycles Backgrounds

North Pole Workshop

3D Models

During University I was breifly shown how to create 3D models using Google Sketchup and have gone on to improve my knowledge of 3D modelling based on proposed arichectural building plans. An example of a current project is shown below.


Feel free to contact me about anything you have seen on this website by using the details provided below.

Andrew Stewart
Web and Graphic Design
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